Go, Go, Go Astro Boy!

A very successful weekend and Monday has been had by all!

Half a fence was built. It looks a little crooked from the road, but hey, we aren’t builders or carpenters, and there is a very good chance we may not have thought through the slope in the land as much as we probably should have! Point is, it is nearly up, and it will keep the giant white puppy in one half of the garden while we knock down a small wall and build the proper picket fence at a later date!

Our son had a great Monday for once! I don’t know whether things just went better for him in general, or whether he tried harder due to the bribe I offered him. He saw a TV ad for a ‘Little Charlie Bear’ toy airplane with little charlie bear inside it. Naturally he desperately wanted it. I said to him that if he could have zero ‘time outs’ at Monday school, I would get it for him after school. Did he get it? Well, no… but nearly!

He only had two small timeouts and didn’t hurt anyone! You have to be happy with that progress! Since the deal had been for zero time outs, naturally I couldn’t get him the toy he wanted, which nearly caused a tantrum as we left the school grounds. Luckily I saved the day with a very brilliant idea. We had to go into the shops to buy him some new underwear and I said to him that we could find some undies that looked like Astro Boy’s costume. He is completely and utterly consumed and obsessed by Astro Boy at the moment. He is forever pretending to be Astro Boy and insists that I play one of the characters from the show when we are walking to school. It’s quite tedious, but we do these things when we are parents I guess!

He had been just on the verge of a tantrum, when I said to him;

“It would be such a shame if you misbehaved right now, and missed out on any other treats that might be coming your way for all the good you today!”

Son: somewhat suspiciously…”What sort of treat? I’ll probably say no to whatever you are going to say!”

I told him my idea about the undies…he looked up at me for a moment, bowed his head, pulled himself together and said,

“Ok! I’ll say yes to that! Lets go!” He then proceeded to speed off towards the shops. When we got there, he set the timer on his little digital watch (daddy got it for him on the weekend to help him know how long he was taking to do this or that task etc), and told me we had five minutes in the shop to find these pants!

Naturally, shops do not stock undies which look like Astro Boy’s costume. I was therefore forced to try and convince him that if we bought black ones, I would be able to find something green to put around the top to make it look like the real thing. He agreed, and gave me five minutes on the timer to find the right material for the top!

Of course when we got home with the goods, he immediately started nagging me to “start knitting the Astro undies now please mummy!” I did. Well, I started sewing, but I’m sure that’s what he really meant! Of course it took me rather longer than five minutes! They do look very good though and he was so happy he insisted on wearing them to bed! He also took off his shirt and put on my ‘rather too big for him’ red gum boots, but totally looked the part! So cute.

Well tomorrow is the big “M” day and we’ll see how he goes on his first half dose in the morning. All I can hope that is that it works, and that it doesn’t mess up his ‘circuitry’. You just never know with these robot boys do you?

Go Go Go Astro Boy!


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