Rock On!

What do you get when you combine two mini otto bins, two buckets of pet food, a toy train chest, a drumming practice pad, two drum sticks, a five year old boy and a mum who can sing?

A rockin’ good time that’s what!

My little boy and I had the best fun tonight building a make shift drum kit for him and then finding our favourite songs for him to drum out the beat and me to sing. He was so awesome! We were planning to put on a rock concert for daddy, who was going to be home late due to work drinks. We rehearsed each song twice and we were having a really great time!

Then ADHD or gifted IQ unrealistic goal setting or some such set in. One minute I was rocking out to his drum beats, the next he announced that

“This rock band is closing down! I am NOT good at drumming and this is too hard!”

I was a little surprised since he seemed to be having such a great time just a moment before. I was very pleased though that instead of cracking it like he normally does, and throwing the sticks or kicking the bins and buckets around, he actually methodically and calmly disassembled the ‘drum kit’ and put all the parts back where they were supposed to be! So sadly, daddy didn’t get his rock concert. 😦

I also discovered today that you simply can not give a child the amount of attention they crave! It’s not possible! After school, we went to our play therapy session which basically meant that we played under his rules and with me constantly praising and reflecting and imitating and describing his actions so that he knew that I was right there with him. It shows them that you are interested in what they are doing and that you are focused on spending this ‘special’ time with just them. His behaviour during this session was exemplary. Even the therapist was stunned. As soon as we walked out the door, the first thing he said to me was,

“Mummy? When we get home, will you play with me?”

as if I had not played with him at all today! I said I would after I had played with the giant white puppy who was tied up inside the whole time we were at play therapy. He agreed to this and then an evening of me playing all sorts of very boring car, plane, robot games unfolded for me! I knew I didn’t need to cook dinner because we get take away on friday nights if daddy has work drinks. Sometimes we just do eggs with dipping soldiers on friday nights. Either way, it’s easy for me so I had time to play… and play…and play…and play!!!

After daddy got home at around 8:15pm, we were on our way to get take out when my son asked again….

“Mummy? When we get home can you please play with me?”


Now I will finally get some time inside my own head this evening…at 9pm…

Have a great weekend everyone!


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