To procrastinate, one must first find other things to do…

I am becoming remarkably adept at procrastinating. Procrastination is such a ridiculously long word that you can in fact procrastinate in getting to your point simply by writing it in your sentence!

I live in a fairly old house and there are many things I could be doing in order to finish off some of the decorating we have been doing. I could paint the lovely windows that I had installed last year. I could mow the lawn. I could re-paint my blue door white to match the windows. I could do any number of little or big cleaning jobs throughout the day. I really should be doing these things.

I should also be writing. A lot. Especially since I am hoping to make some money from my writing skills one day! However, in the course of a day I can find myriad different things to do other than writing or renovating. I think I’m scared of what might happen (or more accurately not happen) if I were to actually complete a piece of writing to a point where I was ready to send it off and see if anyone will buy it.

Today my procrastinating skills reached new heights as I tried to trick myself into writing. First I started folding clean washing and then told myself to stop that and do something else like maybe clean the bathroom. I really didn’t want to do that so I told myself to do some writing then. Great! Myself thought. Here we go. We are sitting down to write! Oh! I have email. Better check that first. That reminds me, I should go outside and check the letterbox too. Right back inside and ready to write! Goodness is that the time? I better just have some lunch first. I was aware by this stage that procrastination had set in. So I tried to tell myself that writing was a great way to procrastinate doing the painting or building that needs doing… Didn’t really work. Myself is too smart I guess đŸ™‚

While eating I did something I have never bothered to do before. I said it was for research purposes in case I spotted an opportunity to send in a story or article. I actually read our local paper instead of throwing it directly in the recycle bin or tossing it to the giant white puppy to shred.

Now if I had found an opportunity to send an article or letter then I guess it was research instead of procrastination. What I found though was that our local newspaper is seriously the single most boring piece of publishing I have ever had the misfortune to waste 20 minutes reading! Therefore it turned out to be merely a tool of procrastination!

After lunch I ventured back to the half folded washing (it was too messy to leave!) then finally sat back down at my desk and did a tiny teeny bit of actual writing. Then I noticed that there were dishes to put away; washing to hang up; navels to be contemplated….and then before I knew it it was time to get my son from school!

What are some of your most creative ways to procrastinate?


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