Frigging tissue!

My giant white puppy has a fondness for tissues, which means that there may often be a tissue lying around on the floor. When you have a child like mine who never walks anywhere but always runs, and we have polished floor boards, this can be a recipe for disaster!

Tonight the dog had left a stolen tissue on the lounge room floor and my son came running through and slipped. Now, having trouble with controlling his emotional responses basically means he makes any emotion into anger. This is how the conversation unfolded after he slipped and landed rather hard on his side.

Son: getting up and scrunching up the offending tissue. “frigging tissue!”

(No we don’t encourage that kind of language and I think that at five we are happy that is the worst word in his vocab!)

Me:”are you ok sweetie?”

Son: hiding his head under a cushion on the lounge “Go away! Don’t touch me!”

Me: “Ok. I just need to know if you are hurt?”

Son: “I said go away!”

I went away and husband approached instead. He didn’t speak but removed the cushion off his head and lifted him a little to hug him.
Son slapped him in the face! Husband calmly got up and carried son to his bedroom where he put him on his bed then left the room.

After a while my son called out to me. He knew not to cone out and that he was in big trouble. It happened to be nearly bed time so the punishment was to go to bed straight away without his iPod. I went in to get him ready for bed and he said…

“Daddy should have known he was going to get punched in the face when it was all the fault of the frigging tissue ”

Now while it wasn’t a good thing to do, I have to say that his interpretation of the event and the dramatic way in which he took his rage out on that tissue has had me in fits of laughter all night!

At one point in my very serious conversation with him about not hitting no matter how angry you are he actually burst out with,

“Who even puts a frigging tissue there?! It’s daddy’s fault because he should have known the tissue made me angry! I am only five and I can’t control my angries when tissues are on the floor! None of this would have happened if that tissue wasn’t even there! ”

Who would have thought something as innocent as a tissue could cause so much trouble?!

Frigging tissues.


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