Oh the guilt!

Having developed a head cold that was slowly coming on since yesterday afternoon, I find myself in a rather guilty position this evening. I basically spent the entire day in bed just so that I would have enough energy to deal with my little boy when he got home from school. He is one step closer to missing out on going to the Zoo on friday with his class because he hit two people today….and so we take a deep breath and soldier on tomorrow.

Fortunately I don’t have to feel guilty about that as I was able to perform all motherly duties with the exception of providing a home cooked nutritious dinner. I was just fading towards evening with earaches in both ears and a whopper of a headache. So I convinced the husband to go and get McDonalds. Sorry child…it happens sometimes. You will survive.

So I ate McDonalds, and missed ballet. eeek! not good towards my weight loss goals. However, I have managed to lose one kilogram. That is most likely to do with all the sleeping and not much eating I did today!

So why, when I am actually truthfully unwell, do I feel guilty? It’s a strange thing isn’t it. If you spend all day in bed because you are sick, you really shouldn’t feel bad. It doesn’t help you heal. I guess it goes along the same vein of the goals and rules I set myself each day because I am at home and not ‘working’.

Rules for a non-guilty ‘Mum-at-home’:

1. No television during the day

2. Eat sandwiches for lunch. If your kids have to eat them, so do you! Or you can have the same leftovers your husband has.

3. At least two pieces of housework have to be completed each day. That could mean washing dishes, clothes, vacuuming, mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom.

4. If you have been home all day there is no excuse for getting take away. A good or at least a reasonably healthy meal must be cooked and served by a reasonable time.

5. No sleeping during the day. If the kids and husband aren’t allowed, then neither are you!

6. The fridge and cupboard really has no excuse to be empty of good and healthy things to eat since I have time to pop up to the shops during the day and avoid the crowds.

Clearly I didn’t achieve any of those rules or goals today, hence my guilt. Don’t worry, I’ll be over it by tomorrow though and I’ll probably only allow myself bread and water for lunch, and I’ll do double the house chores to punish myself! Hee hee.

Taking myself and my headache and earaches to bed with some panadol now!



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