Getting over myself and getting on with it

Today was a bit of a struggle for me emotionally and physically. I think I may be coming down with a cold, I had to do puppy advanced training tonight and this afternoon I discovered that my little boy had rather a worse day at school yesterday than I had thought.

I knew that he had been struggling at school these last two weeks. He had been sent to the principals office a couple of times and missed out on the activities he likes to do as he refused to finish his work during the right time. Today I found out that yesterday at his ‘home school’ (the normal school, not the special school), he bit a teacher rather badly and kicked her too. He hadn’t told me about that. He was warned today by the principal that if he doesn’t improve his behaviour and the way he speaks to adults, he will be missing out on the excursion to the Zoo on Friday. His teacher told me that we will all be getting together soon to have a discussion because his behaviour is getting worse rather than better.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself that I had warned them at the start of the year that that is how he works. He changes things up just when you think you’ve got on top of his behaviour. He’s a little bit clever that way. He does some very odd things, like pretending that he can’t read. Lately he’s been forgetting occasionally that he is trying to hide the fact that he can read. We’ve been refusing to help him do certain things by telling him we are too busy and that if only he could read and write, he might be able to do it by himself. For example, the other night, he wanted to watch a documentary on aeroplanes, on our projector. He worked out how to get the screen down and turn the projector on, but didn’t know how to change the input device. We told him it’s a shame he can’t read. So the cheeky little bugger looked at the remote control and said (without thinking I am guessing)

“Ok, ‘Freeze’, ‘Source’, ‘Select’ I guess it’s ‘Source’.” Then he looked up at the screen and read from the menu,

“PC, Movies. OK maybe PC?” Sadly the connection between the projector and the PC wasn’t working properly so his hard work had no pay off, but what impressed me was that he read the words without any hesitation! Little bugger. He’s done that a few times now; like where he’s wanted to Google something and worked out how to spell it without our help. That is all, however, beside the point!

So now we face the same dilemma we’ve faced with each therapy and/or intervention we have tried with him. He gets to a certain point and then regresses. Grrrrrrr! At least we have the appointment finally for the Registrar of Coral Tree Mental Health and they will be discussing the medication option with us. In many ways I have reached the point where I just really hope the medication actually does work, because nothing else seems to!

We are also rapidly running out of funds. This was brought home to me rather brutally this morning when I checked our bank accounts. I then spent the whole day stressing hugely and trying to think of what to do, and searching the internet for ‘at home’ jobs. Naturally I would love to try out one of those flashing ads stating that you can earn up to $5000 a week from home, but even I am not that stupid! 🙂

And so what did I do instead? Well, I hung some washing out, took the dog for a walk, washed the dishes, wrote three articles and half a chapter of my book! Oh, and waxed half my legs! Like I’ve said before, I’m not one to sit around dwelling on my sorrows if I have things to do! Now I just need to edit and refine my articles and see if I can work out how to send them off to some magazines or newspapers to see if I can gain any interest in them.

In the mean time, my wonderful husband came home from working extremely hard all day to inform me that I could very easily get into a job at his office. He told me I can work two or even three days a week; spread out the time and do a lot of it from home! Ahhh isn’t he wonderful? I did know that I always had the option of getting back into the workforce with my previous skills, but I thought I would have to work full time which is not really an option with my son at this point. I might even have to look at home schooling if things don’t improve soon! I guess I should be very happy that my life doesn’t suck enough for Oprah or some other TV show to need to come and give me stuff or help me out!

So, now that my puppy is beautifully trained in the ‘bed’ command and can even stay on his mat while I walk across the room and back to give him his treat, I can finally sit down and have a cup of tea (no biscuits… we can’t afford them anymore!), and convince myself that it’s all going to be alright. Which it will be. 🙂



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