So much to write, so little time

Tonight will be quick as it’s my husband’s birthday and I’ve been cooking up a storm all afternoon.

I was called to the school early to talk with the principal. My son was in her office at the time because he had not had a good day.

He had run away out of the school grounds (not so easy to do in a school designed to keep escaping type kids in!) he had five carers run after him but he still got to the road before they caught him.

Positives? ….ummm he’s a fast runner?! He can escape from kidnappers very well if he needed to?!
Some days it is hard to find the positives really. The principal said that he’s been there for quite a while now and they really should be seeing an end to this sort of thing. Also the refusing to do his work and being cheeky and rude to the adults.

I’m feeling a little flat today after all that. It is very difficult to have a child who just doesn’t conform even to the important safety rules, let alone socially acceptable behaviour. Especially when we are seeing such improvements at home. Although sometimes it’s hard to tell if he is improving or we are just better at maneuvering ourselves around him. Hard to tell.

All we can do is keep trying. Keep positive and loving, and hope that tomorrow will be better.


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