Keeping secrets… Not his strong point

My husband’s birthday is coming up next Tuesday and today I bought the present he had specifically requested. I told my son this morning what I was going to get for Daddy, but he didn’t know that my husband knew about it.

The present is a Kenwood tri-blade stick mixer with some extra accessories. After hearing this my son said,
“Oh! Can you maybe get me one of those ones with the handle that you turn and it spins the blades like that? Like they had at my preschool for mixing the green gloop?”

I explained to him that those things are really old fashioned but said if I could find one I might get it for him.

Later this afternoon I showed him Daddy’s present and gave him his hand mixer as I had in fact found one. He was very happy and immediately proceeded to ‘mix’ things like…the weeds in the garden, a sink full of soapy water, the giant puppy’s fur and my curtains until I finally took it off him.

He then formulated a brilliant plan designed to “trick Daddy so he won’t know what we got for him!”
He was going to show Daddy the hand mixer and say “look! We got you a mixer! Just kidding! We really got you ninja cookie cutters!” (the cookie cutters he saw in a recent junk mail thingy)

I didn’t dissuade him from his plan since it was cute and Daddy really knew what he was getting anyway but was pretending not to know.

So Daddy arrived home and was barely through the door before my son launched at him and exclaimed,
“Daddy! We got you a mixer!”
He had completely forgotten to give him the hand mixer as a decoy and so my husband thought that my son was just really telling him what his present was!

My son did follow through with the side decoy of ninja cookie cutters but the whole thing had been blown by the lack of the all important prop!

It did teach me not to ever tell him what a present is when it really does need to be a secret though!


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