Back seat conversations

Last night we had a little friend over for a sleep over play date, as his dad had an important meeting early this morning. The boys behaved beautifully last night and this morning and we got to school without any hitches.
On the way to school, we were a bit early so I took them via the scenic route to kill some time.
Firstly the boys opened the car windows to pretend they were shooting at and blowing up various things we passed. I put a stop to that after about five minutes due to the icy wind causing my ears and nose to freeze off. Then they commenced a conversation about bums and poos and wee and some of it went like this:

Friend: “What if you got locked out of your house with just a towel on and you were busting for a wee and there were no toilets and so you had to wee on your towel?!”

Son: “No it would be worse with the towel on coz you would wet the towel and then you’d have wee all over your skin! It would be better to drop the towel and wee straight ahead away from you even if you had to be nudie in public!”

Well I guess at least my son is fairly logical, but really! What is it with five and in his friend’s case seven year old boys and bodily functions?!

Later today the dad was still not out of his meeting so I picked both boys up from school and at 3 had to take my son for his first ever drumming lesson, (which he was great at just quietly! He had a half hour lesson and came away knowing all the names if the drums and played that catchy beat of ‘We will rock you” by Queen when I came to pick him up!). Anyway, on the way there another interesting conversation was struck up in the back seat.

Friend: “I wish all Lollies and toys would be free!”

Son: “yeah! Then we could have everything we wanted!”

Friend: “We could even have the whole shop! We could ask the man to throw out all the barbies and girls stuff though.”

Son: “Oh but we better tell them to keep the skirts and sexy shoes and pink cakes and diamonds for my Mum”

Friend: “Yeah OK, but only if the diamonds are real right?”

Son: “Yeah. She only likes the real ones”

Awww he always remembers to think of his Mum 🙂
At least I’m teaching him something useful!


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