If the title is catchy, you never know what you’ll catch!

The more I do this blogging thing, the more I learn! Each day when I log on and decide first which ‘Freshly Pressed’ I will read, and then after telling myself that it’s OK if my writing style or subject is not as good as some (or perhaps lots…smack!… get out of here self doubt!) of the other bloggers on here, I settle myself down to decide what to write about.

The main point of starting a blog was to make myself write. For practice. Just to force words out onto a page no matter whether I had something interesting to say or not. That is definitely working for me and it really doesn’t matter if no one ever reads it.

One of the biggest advantages of doing the blog has been the fact that I no longer have to tell the same story over and over to the 4 or 5 closest people who are interested in my day and my life. They get to read most of it on here and feel satisfied that they are keeping up with my comings and goings. The second big advantage has been that I get a real chance to find my voice without judgement. School, university and even book clubs or casual courses involve judgement of some kind regarding your writing. Here I can just write guff if I want to, or I can write something interesting and important and people can take from it what they will. I like that!

Something interesting that I have learned about ‘hits’ on your blog is that it’s all about your title. Well OK it’s not ALL about that, but it sure helps! I was getting a very small average number of hits each day on my blog and I can safely say that I knew who most of those people were! When I did the blog about my son’s ADHD medication trial and his little ninja martial arts class, and I called it “Ninjas on Drugs” I had a significant increase in the number of hits! Clearly the Ninjas and the Drugs were interesting topics to people other than my family! Perhaps they were disappointed when the found out what was actually being written about, but that doesn’t really matter 🙂

Then when I blogged about the burlesque show I went to see, I very deliberately decided to have a title designed to ‘pull in the crowds’ and it did! Four times my average views on that one! I suspected that the word “tease” and “tassled titties” was going to be popular and I was right! Funny though how sex still sells even though these days it’s everywhere!

Just the other day I thought it was probably about time we set some parental limits on our computer as my five year old son was starting to be able to get up a google page and type what he was looking for into it! He had been searching for Astro Boy episodes, but I noticed that some of the images he had brought up were perhaps best not viewed by young eyes! Particularly one of astro boy drawn reclining on a chaise with a somewhat provocative look on his face and one leg raised… hmmm… My little one said, “Why does Astro boy look like that? He looks like a teenager!” That did make me have a giggle because clearly teenagers must look a bit ‘wanting’ to my son! LOLOLOLOL… ahem… back on track…. So, our kids are constantly bombarded by sexual images and it’s very easy for them to access if there are no restrictions put onto things. The scary thing is that as he gets older he’ll become more adept at getting around any parental controls as he will probably know computers inside out by then!

When you think about it though, it’s all again in the title. If you are doing a google search you will get any number of things which could be relevant or irrelevant to that which you are searching…why?….because people put slightly misleading or ill thought titles on stuff they put on the internet. My point? None really, just that titles are important and that since I’m not inclined to stop my child from accessing the internet, I have to get some other controls in place before he starts finding things which make him ask me harder questions than he already does!!!


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