Out of the mouth of babes

I was wondering what to blog about tonight when my son not more than 2 mintues ago provided the inspiration!

I have spent the last 2 hours practicing how to do burlesque make up and hair while my husband and little boy have been building some very spectacular lego models on the floor. Having ‘painted’ my face with very light foundation, done some lovely pin-up girl eye make up and bright red lips, I started testing out a couple of different hair styles on the boys.

My son was already slightly freaking out about my make up. When I turned around and asked them to look and tell me what they thought, the husband said it looked great, very burlesque. The child said.

“Daddy…. she looks really weird now. Have a look!” Ha!

Then I came out after straightening my hair and putting a curled fringe and a big pink sparkly flower… very burlesque I thought!

I approached the lego engineers on the floor and they looked up. Husband again said it looked good. Not very burlesque but cute. My son on the other hand kind of inspected me very skeptically but thoroughly before pronouncing that he liked me better the way my hair usually is……

“in a messy tangle. Like mine!”

GASP! Clearly I have let my personal hygiene slip since I’ve been an at home mumma! eeeekkk! Meanwhile husband was rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter at this statement of innocent… ummm well… probably truth I suppose.

Then as I sat down at the computer which faces the lego ‘building site’, my son continued to keep staring at me until eventually he said.

“You are kind of freaking me out actually. You don’t look like you. I don’t think you should wear lip stick. See how my lips are kind of……normal? You should have that.”

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth I suppose! Sigh… bugger him though, I’m still going to wear this make up and hair when I go out on Sunday because it looks awesome! 🙂

Look out for the post show photos and blog on Monday!

Have a happy weekend.


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