Happy Birthday to Me!

What a lovely day I have had. I got to sleep in and husband did the morning school routine and dog walk. There was no noise or ruckus and he didn’t even forget anything! Well done on that score! I was then given a cup of coffee straight away and a beautiful bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. That always makes a girl feel special and happy! 🙂

Once I got my little man back home from school the fun could really start! We all went to see the 3D Glee Live Show Movie. It was OK. I probably should have waited to see if came out on DVD, but we had a good boogie in our seats and I could sing out loud since we were the only people in the cinema at that time of day straight after school.

Now I am getting take away from a nice local Italian restaurant and my boys are going to decorate a lovely sponge cake in pink icing with pretty things on top. I also got a recipe book I’ve been wanting and a new charm for my pandora bracelet which is really lovely! My mum and dad sent me flowers too when they weren’t supposed to after paying for this terms ballet lessons. What a spoiled girl I am 🙂 Naturally with more birthday celebrations to be had and possibly a little bit of wine to be sipped, I will end this blog on a nice short note 🙂


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