Change is in the air and giant puppy is nuts

As I am approaching my 36th birthday, which happens to be on Thursday this week, I find myself thinking about life, myself and the general direction my life is taking.

I got myself sorted out last week and actually manged to do all my filing (yes all three piles from kitchen bench, TV cabinet and metal in-tray!). I also got all my tax papers together with the appropriate bits and pieces highlighted last week and posted them off to the accountant this morning. Since my husband has put a ban on all unnecessary spending (rightly so… Darling 🙂 ) I am not allowed to have any new furniture which I had really wanted for a spring clean and freshen up of our house. So on the weekend I convinced him to go with my brilliant plan of re-arranging and slightly modifying furniture we already have.

The transformation was fab! The house looks bigger, cleaner and has a more stylish look and all without spending any money. I have also managed to file the mail as it comes in, so see how good I am being! (Yes I am aware it’s only Monday so there has only been one actual day of mail, and it was junk mail so it went straight into the recycling bin… but it totally counts!)

On Sunday myself, my husband and a good friend are going to see a burlesque review show in the city and I am extremely excited about that and think it will be awesome! I bought myself a dress for the occasion (it was my birthday present and don’t worry it was cheap!). It is a lovely black and white burlesque style corset dress and I think it’s going to be so fun wearing it and the men I am going with are wearing nice suits. Shame the show is on a Sunday night though so it’s up early the next day for the school run. Never mind.

All this change and excitement got me thinking. I also had a little think when I measured my waist and hips for the dress as I ordered it online and had it shipped from America while the Aus dollar is doing so well! Now I am not fat… well maybe just a teeny bit. I have been walking the giant puppy for one hour every day and have started back at ballet class, but I think as I get older this just isn’t enough anymore! It’s so frustrating! I have always weighed between 53-60 kg. After I had my son and then started pole dancing I put on 3kg and stayed 63kg for almost 4 years without changing. This whole year I have weight 65kg and I just can’t shift it! Grrr. I still fit all my clothes though so I’m going to pretend it’s all muscle 🙂 Anyway, I decided tonight that I really don’t want to be 65kgs any longer. The problem with that decision is twofold.

One: It obviously means I have to do something more strenuous and probably more painful than walk for one hour a day with the dog. This sucks! I just know I’m going to have to do actual sit ups and go for real runs where I actually sweat lots and feel like I’m going to die for the first couple of weeks that I do it. Sucks

Two: I have to tell my brain somewhere along the line that I want to weigh under 63kgs more than I want to eat turkish delight and home made pasta and chocolate chip biscuits, and home made banana muffins… oh stop! I’m getting hungry! Damn it! This is going to be the hardest thing for me as my track record with self discipline and food is not great. The main reason being that I never needed to worry before! I always did enough exercise or was young enough not to have to worry about! Sucks

Anyway, that’s me for a Monday. Except for one quick story about my crazy giant puppy.

Tonight while my little boy did his one on one little ninja class (yes he is no longer allowed to attend the main class and the Sensei takes him for a private lesson now), I took giant white puppy for a walk while I waited for the class to end. We had one hour and so I took him down to a big park I know.  All was going well until it started to get a bit dark and then started to pour down with rain. As we walked through the rain back towards the ninja class place, a man was coming in the opposite direction. He had a hood on (it’s cold and raining so fair enough) and he was dragging a little trolley with a milk crate on it filled with junk mail he was delivering in the area. Giant white puppy stopped in his tracks and despite my reassuring murmurs that it was a just a trolley and he was going to be ok, he dashed sideways and tried to rip my arm out of its socket in his attempt to get away from this man and his trolley! Mental dog.

I finally got him to calm down a little bit after I ran up the street with him trying to get away faster than I am actually capable of running. As we walked along, I had pulled my hood up over my head too and I was completely drenched by now and it was quite dark. Giant puppy stopped to have a wee, and as is his custom, he looked up at me while he did it. Well. When he saw me there staring back at him with my hood up, he nearly jumped taller than my head, tucked his back legs under his bum and tried desperately to run and leap away from me. Naturally this was not an easy task since I was holding him on a quite short lead as we were on a footpath! I reached out to try and calm him and using a calm voice tried to let him know it was only me. He nearly tried to bite my hand off! I tell you what, that guy in the hood with the trolley sure must have scared him! Mental dog. We proceeded to walk up the road with the dog looking the whole time up at me and then trying to dash away! I even took my hood off to try and show him it was only me, but he wasn’t having a bar of that. I was scary and that was it! Thankfully he got over it and he is now sleeping happily in front of the TV and almost smells normal again instead of like ‘wet dog’.

Now… what can I eat….no! I mean, I’m going to do some sit ups!



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