Go Commando!

Very quick one tonight due to half a glass of white wine and an evening filled with home renovation shows! Oh what a life I lead!

My son was in the bath this evening and I was in the lounge room (watching the aforementioned Reno shows) when he called out…
“Mummy! Do you know what commando means?”
Me: “yes but what do you think it means?”

Son: “It means when you need to go out but you can’t find your knickers! (now laughing so much he might be nearly drowning) so you have to go with no knickers on and that’s going commando!”

Now I have to admit that was NOT what I had expected him to say but it was pretty funny!
Me: “who told you that?”
Son: “my teacher! At swimming today some of us couldn’t find our knickers so we had to go commando or we would miss the bus!”

There endeth the lesson! Enjoy your weekend!

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