Ballet Butt

The first time back to any dance class after a 5 week absence is always tough. When you do it with ballet and you missed the last 4 weeks of barre work revisions and now the class is moving on to center work with a routine, it really really sucks! I have just returned home from my ballet class and I am suffering from something I have termed ‘ballet butt’.

What is ‘ballet butt’? Well, ballet butt is basically when both butt cheeks burn like fire bellowed from the depths of dance class hell! (very alliterative I know, but that’s what it is… I swear!) It happens when you clench your butt cheeks together for just over an hour in a vain attempt to make your body strong enough to move your legs in very unorthodox ways but trying to look elegant and ‘floaty’ at the same time. Not easy! There you have it.

There is also something else rather humiliating that happens at the end of my dance class. Firstly you need to remember that I am not exactly a spring chicken with great amounts of ballet experience and neither is anyone in this beginner ballet class. You basically have a class full of people where the youngest woman is maybe 24 or 25. None of us have any ballet history. Half of us are average to fit bodied, and the other half are… well… not šŸ™‚

At the very end of our class, which is usually reserved for stretching, but not always, the next class’s students start to turn up and sit around the sides of the room watching us. The next class is a ‘wedding dance’ class. So they are all couples who have come straight from work usually and are dressed all lovely and aren’t really there for dancing but rather for learning a few steps so they don’t look silly when they do the bridal waltz at their wedding! It’s very embarrassing for the beginner ballet class as we are usually tired by this stage and our teacher is speaking french with an Ameri/Aussie accent which confuses not only our heads, but apparently our feet and all these people are sitting there smugly watching and giggling as we trip over our own feet while trying to do a passe something or other with a something starting with J that involves a little leap where your foot should land in exactly the same spot you started, but at the back! Eeeeeek!

Never mind, at least they had a good laugh and we enjoyed ourselves in our ridiculousness anyway! Even funnier though was when we got to the end of the little routine and the teacher said, “so can you all go home and practice that this week?” …. ummmm… pardon?!
We could barely follow what she was doing never mind go home and remember what we were supposed to do! So we all just smiled and rolled our eyes, which seemed to satisfy her anyway šŸ™‚

Now I must take my ‘ballet butt’ and try to stand up in the shower for long enough to wash my hair…. sigh it’s going to hurt tomorrow!



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