Who Invented Lego Anyway?!

I have a complaint to make about children and lego. Maybe it’s just my child, but anyway it’s very annoying. Since I have nothing else to blog about and I’m very cold right now, this will be a short post!

My son loves lego. He has loved it for a long time. He was doing lego sets which said 12-16yrs on the box when he was 4 and it’s about the only activity that makes him sit still! The unfortunate thing about this is that these days lego comes in sets. The sets build 1 or sometimes 3 specific vehicles/buildings/crafts etc. Now as I said, my son has a LOT of lego. He has exactly 24 sets of lego and I know this because at one stage in an attempt to try and keep the lego from spreading and filling up the entire house, my husband and I spent over a week every night sorting out the big piles of lego into their correct sealable bags! We numbered the instruction booklets to match up with the relevant pieces in each bag and we thought that was such a clever idea.

Along comes my son who is very particular about wanting to be able to complete a set of instructions and build a vehicle without finding any pieces missing, but isn’t willing to use the vehicle carefully once it is built. The result is that pieces of lego naturally lose themselves who knows where! I suspect they go to the same place odd socks and DVD’s that I thought I had bought go! Anyway, lately he has moved on from sticking to building the sets and following the instructions and keeps mixing them all up to create something of his own. This would be fine with us if only he wouldn’t the next day complain that he can’t build something using the instructions because all the pieces are mixed up!!! We have now resorted to sorting things out into specific types of piece bags instead of instruction number bags. Either way, lego is so annoying! It’s expensive and it keeps him quiet for a short amount of time, but it drives us crazy! Giant puppy is also very fond of walking past and picking up this piece or that and chewing on it, causing my son to scream and shout and run about trying to get it off him! And why do lego bits have to be so very small so much of the time?! Don’t they even think of my poor vacuum cleaner or my giant puppy and how it will affect them when they hoover up these little tiny axes and windows and clear coloured dots?! Sheesh!


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