Sunday is NOT a school night!!

I had written quite a lot of a completely different blog subject already tonight, but fortunately I had to put my son to bed before I finished it and while sitting in the dark quietly I was able to reflect on the subject and how it was probably not appropriate or politically correct to have a bitch session in a post! Therefore I’ve decided to reserve my previous subject for my friend over a warm drink some time next week 😉

Right, so here’s today’s big argument withe 5.5yr old. We have an arrangement with my son that if he behaves well and plays nicely on Friday, he can stay up as long as he likes (or can) on friday night. Unfortunately the nuisance he made of himself with the puppy all afternoon meant that I had to tell him that he had to go to bed at normal time tonight. He set up whingeing and moaning.

Side track to something funny happening with the giant puppy right now. LOL Oh dear I can barely type! People who have dogs will know that you can get this rubber toy thing called a kong. They sort of look like a rubber tall poo with a hole in the middle and you stuff them with food so the dog has to work at getting the food out by chewing and bouncing the thing around. Giant puppy is an expert at extricating food from his far too quickly to be of any use as entertainment… anyway. I just looked across at a growling ruckus going on and saw that my son had put a toy bus into the kong so that half of it is sticking out but it’s firmly wedged in there. Giant puppy is desperately flinging the kong this way and that in an effort to dislodge and presumably eat the toy bus! Maybe you have to be here, but it’s pretty funny from where I’m sitting!

Right, back to it! So, I interrupted the whingeing to tell him that unfortunately he didn’t keep his end of the deal and broke all the ‘puppy’ rules ALL AFTERNOON, but that he could try again tomorrow night.

S “No! Not tomorrow night!”

Me “OK then, not tomorrow night. Next week then. Off you go.”

S “NO! I can’t do tomorrow night! It’s not the right night! I will have to do the day after tomorrow.”

Me “You can’t do the day after tomorrow because that’s a school night.”

S – laughing at me “No it isn’t! I don’t go to school on Sunday!”

Me “I know that. You go to school on Monday, which is the morning after sunday night!”

S – thinking about it. “No Mummy! Sunday is NOT a school night! It goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! Saturday and Sunday are holidays!”

Me – wondering why I have let myself get into this discussion when I should be putting him to bed and then realising that I’ve been duped into a crafty and spectacular delay tactic. I know this and yet….”Yes I know, but Friday NIGHT and Saturday NIGHT are not school NIGHTS but Sunday IS a school night!”

S – probably laughing his little booty off because he’s got me good and proper and has now managed to delay going to bed by at least another 10 minutes… but wait… here comes my salvation. “But I went to school today! Today is Friday! so Friday is a school night!”

Me – Finally seeing my ‘in’ “Oh? Really? Well that means you can’t stay up then! So off to bed with you!” Yay!!! I won in the end! He ‘logic’ed’ himself out of what he wanted!


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