Something to Write

When I had the idea of writing a blog, one of my main reasons was to make myself sit at the computer and write something every day. It is like the computer is expecting me to do it, and will keep waiting until I do it! This plan is the same plan you use when you make a friend come to the gym or go running with you. If you know someone is depending on you or waiting for you it makes you get up off your butt and do it.

The big difficulty I am having when nothing more interesting presents itself is that I struggle to find something to say! When I am struggling to find something to say, I tend to babble, which is what I’m doing now. I should actually be getting ready to go to my ballet class, but since I would have to pay for the new term tonight and I have a sore back again because my new budgetary constraints have forced me to wax my own legs instead of going to the salon, I suspect I will be…not going to ballet this week. Shame really because I love it. Maybe I should convince a friend to sign up with me so that someone else is there waiting for me and depending on my appearance? 🙂

Ballet is another of the things I have started and not finished properly. We have a British show here in Australia called ‘Grandpa in my pocket’. It’s a kids show about a Grandpa who has a magic shrinking cap and he runs around causing general mayhem under the guise of helping solve this or that problem. The mother in this programme  reminds me a lot of myself. Every episode the son introduces what her new ‘hobby’ is this week. She has done Karate, flower arranging, opera singing, trumpet playing, arty crafty things etc. This is exactly what I do. I don’t know why, but I seem to move along from one activity to another without ever really settling into one! I have really enjoyed all of the things I’ve tried, and I don’t completely suck at them either, so why do I keep moving on? I don’t know. Perhaps someone out there can tell me?

I have been involved in all of the following over the course of my life:

ballet, singing, acting, writing, flute playing, tae kwon do, capoeira, pole dancing ( I really really loved this one, and would still do it if we could afford the classes in terms of time and money!), saxaphone playing, doll house making. I think that’s about it, but I’m only 35 so I’m sure I’ll get some more in at some point!

Now, when I think back on all of those activities, I do it with fondness and I still wish I had the time and energy to do them all even now! Unfortunately by body wouldn’t allow me to do most of these things without some injury or other even if budget and time in the day allowed for them! Something else I have discovered about myself over the last couple of years is that I often have a higher sense of how good I am at something than anyone else does. 🙂 Hopefully that happens to other people as well! For example: When I picture myself doing some activity or other in my mind, I sound or look really good doing it! Then something awful happens like someone will show me a video or a photo of me at that time and I really am NOT as good as I thought! LOLOL Sadly this happens to me a lot in regards to my looks. I have always been an attractive person with blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. However, I am often sadly brought back to reality when I see my reflection in a window or mirror or photo and realise that it wasn’t what I had pictured in my head! Oh well, perhaps I have an overactive self image in the positive direction! That’s good isn’t it?!

Ok that’s me for tonight, I’ve babbled quite enough!


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