Here comes the rain again!

Right, it’s now been raining for 4 days solid where I live. Serious, hard, flooding rain. My house is at the bottom of my garden and my garden is sloped. While I am lucky that whoever built this house (rather a long time ago) realised this and put a concrete channel with a drain at the end right next to the house, they didn’t do anything else to stop the garden becoming a muddy swamp.

Now, people who either know me, or have read my previous posts will know that I currently have a white 5 month old Groodle who I have nicknamed “giant puppy’ for obvious reasons. Giant Puppy is white. Very white. He has long kind of fluffy hair a bit like a sheep, and he has more energy than a child with ADHD! Four days of solid rain and a very muddy garden do not go well with a white, fluffy dog! My house has become something of a dog training obstacle course where he jumps over things, runs under things, bashes into things and decides for himself where he will sit.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I drag him off the lounge, every time I turn around, there he is, with his giant white body taking up all the premium space for sitting in my house! It’s really VERY annoying! When he does the wrong thing, we tell him “NO” and he has to go on a ‘time out’ lead, which is a lead we had tied to the side board. This worked great…. until the dog became so giant that today he actually pulled the leg off the sideboard!!! Sheesh! I can’t very well lock him outside as with all this rain he has nowhere to shelter in our very open yard! Not to mention every time I let him out in a lull in the rain, he returns to the house stinking like wet dog (I know that’s what he is, but it doesn’t help!), jumps up on me with his muddy paws and proceeds to get back on the lounge with his muddy butt!

I feel as if I am succeeding to train this dog about as much as I have succeeded in training my child! Grrr. I read every dog training book. I took the dog to puppy pre-school classes and I listened attentively and followed their instructions. NONE OF THAT STUFF WORKS!!! It’s the same with children! The only thing that really works with either my child or my dog is to take them outside and make them run and tug and push and pull and climb trees (well not the dog). Once they are too tired to move they stop being naughty!

That’s my advice for today! Just remember that if it is raining lots and you follow my advice, like me, you will be covered in mud with wet fuzzy hair and cold and tired!

Enjoy the Weekend!


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