Tax Time Tears

I like to think of myself as a reasonably organised person. I have a designated place for incoming mail and when that pile gets too big and interferes with my cooking area, the pile moves to a more convenient place. When visitors come that new and larger pile moves from the tv cabinet because it looks too messy, and ends up on the spare bed. Now, when I put that in writing it doesn’t seem very organised to me!

I have a special wire ‘in-tray’ on the computer desk designed especially for the placement of incoming mail and bills which need to be paid. I also have (or should say ‘had’ since the giant puppy has destroyed it) a lovely leather filing box which used to sit by the door where the mail came in. The plan was to open the mail, file anything which didn’t need attention right now, and put things which did need attention in the wire tray. Sigh… I really don’t know why I cannot keep this process working. I have only just managed to force myself to put the envelopes straight into the recycling bin when I open the mail instead of piling them up with the opened letters! It’s very frustrating! Especially since it is me who is doing it (or not doing it!)

The natural progression of this unorganised and disorderly manner of dealing with my paperwork is that throughout the course of the year, when papers need to be found, the process is made more difficult than it really should be! I have to sift through the three piles because after the visitors left I didn’t move the pile from the spare bed, but instead began creating a new pile on the kitchen bench, which moved to the TV cabinet, which moved to the metal in-tray and the cycle began again! This is particularly frustrating at tax time as I need to join the three piles up on the lounge room floor in one teetering and precarious pile (which I am sure this year will end up being half eaten by the giant puppy). I then have to painstakingly surround myself with sorting piles and spend a few hours getting things into order and putting them in the filing box! This process cannot be completed without a nice cup of tea and a packet of chocolate biscuits.

If I had one ounce of self control and just opened the letter and put the bank statement straight into the bank statement folder in the filing box (situated you remember right by the door) on the day it arrived, I could save myself at least 5 hours of time and 2kg of weight in chocolate biscuits! Yet every year it’s the same process. This year will be no different as I intend to go and buy the required biscuits tomorrow in order to do the tax sorting tomorrow night or on the weekend.

I would like to tell you that I will change my ways and starting from today will conduct my letter opening in a more civilised and tidy manner. However…

Ooh! The postman is here! lets see what happens!…….

The envelopes are in the recycling bin 🙂 – but I was in the middle of blogging so I’m sure it’s fine that the letters are on the computer desk! I’ll try again tomorrow.


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