Simple Pleasures

What a lovely vision. As I sit at my computer in a freezing cold house with ugg boots on and a scarf around my neck, I am lucky enough to be able to gaze out the window upon my….ahem… garden. (The closest truthful description would be ‘expanse of weedy brown grass’). In that garden the following is happening.

My Giant white puppy has rediscovered a rather dirty looking bone from days past. He stands on the hill with the wind blowing back his ears looking very proud of himself as the sun shines down on him. I can see that he is looking at a bird that has landed on the top of my son’s trampoline. Without a thought, he does a little lamb-y leap at the bird (with the bone still in his mouth) and then proceeds to chase the bird around the garden as it tries desperately to fly away. The simple pleasures life brings when you are a 5 month old puppy! Even better is when you discover the weekly newspaper has been thrown into the garden by the delivery guy and you now have the opportunity to dismantle it and then (very environmentally aware this dog is) shred it and spread it around the garden like mulch. Naturally the fun does not stop there. If the humans you live with are silly enough to leave anything on the benches or forget to secure the toilet paper before they leave the house, you then have the pleasure of removing and eating those things on the bench. Toilet paper is great for running around the house with and then wrapping around furniture and yourself before collapsing in the middle of a big pile of it in happy exhaustion. (We have all seen the Kleenex puppy ads, and so, apparently has my dog!).  Now I’ll have to return to blogging later since he just came in and stole my ipod and is now proceeding to dismantle and scatter that around the gardgen!!! arrrgghhh!

When enough is too much, and a little is not enough…Coming soon

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