Devastation at the pet store

After trying to raise the seat on my son’s bike only to find that it is already at it’s highest point, prompting him to inform me that he really needs a new bike, “the next size up”, then heading out with both the boy and the dog to try and get rid of some of the energy they both have, I decided that we needed to head to the pet shop for some more chewing snacks, rat food and a bigger car harness for the dog.

I sent the boy on a mission to find a new toy for the dog while I waited for the rat food bucket to be re-filled. For some strange reason, anyone with little boys probably knows that they are obsessed with poo and wee. Anybody’s will do. This being said, my son returned with what he claimed was “The best thing EVER! We REALLY need to get this!” ‘this’ was a poo collection contraption which looked both expensive and useless. I could see it not doing anything except squishing the poo and making a mess and then breaking after a few uses. A very strong discussion then ensued about said contraption until I had to count him down to make him put the thing back! Sheesh, can’t take him anywhere!

On the way out of the pet store, he discovered a 10 week old golden retriever puppy in a cage near the check out. The store guy was more than happy to get the puppy out and give it to my son’s open arms. Oh dear…. The puppy was very cute of course. And was a third of the size of Moppett, making him a little more endearing than the giant white puppy who jumps up and tries to smother my son. So my Son set about trying to convince the shop guy to trade our puppy for the smaller puppy!! He was doing such a good sales pitch to get them to take Moppett, that I felt really proud of his oratory skills. The deeper problem of course was that I had to find some way to remove the child from the shop without having to fight with him (or go home with another dog!!!). My trusty ‘(child’s name) NOW!….ONE!’ worked well this time, but unfortunately he dropped his little blonde head and began sobbing his little heart out and telling me (albeit while walking out of the shop next to me, so I didn’t say a word and walked very carefully hoping he wouldn’t notice that he was leaving!), that the puppy loved him and needed to come home with him. And why do I always say ‘no’ to everything? And why did I buy such a stupid big dog that I can’t control when I should send him back and get that lovely one from that shop!!!! Tears and sobbing continued all the way back to the car.

The thing which strikes me most though is how he actually followed me to the car! He didn’t sit on the floor and scream or grab a concrete pillar, or run back into the shop or kick me or scratch me or any of those things which he most certainly would have done only a few short months ago! —- quietly—– perhaps we are making some progress finally?

šŸ™‚ KL

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