Friday at last! My first working week of blogging 🙂

Went to the final Harry Potter last night. I loooooved it! Ok there were some iffy moments when the audience were made to laugh and perhaps we weren’t meant to be laughing at that point, but I loved that too! What a fabulously crafted movie though. I must admit that in general I am not a big fan of everything being in 3D and my little boy is completely set against it in a most vocal and defamatory way! That being said, I chose to see Harry Potter 7 part 2 in 3D at the suggestion from my husband that they will be sure to do it well. They did 🙂

I’ve now had a full day and half off as a Mum as my Mother In Law took my son yesterday and he had a ‘sleepover’ at her house and will return some time this afternoon. As always, the time in peace and solitude got me thinking…..

Do I regret having children? Well sometimes I really wish I didn’t have to answer 7 million questions a day and clean up continuously just to keep my house in a passable state of tidiness, where I don’t feel like I’m living in that show ‘hoarders’ except that I definitely don’t have that much stuff and maybe if I did, my Son wouldn’t find spare bits of floor to spread it all around in!

I also think about all the money I no longer have since I had to pay out most of my healthy yearly income over the past two and a half years in therapy and aide help for my son. I also had to quit work and therefore no longer receive said healthy income! All that aside, I have become wise enough to realise that despite all of those things, if I didn’t have a child, I would be squandering my money and my time on other, less important things because before you have children, you just don’t realise how much spare time (and money) you have! Imagine if before I had my Son, I had actually put my money on my mortgage or something like that heaven forbid! I am not one who is prone to linger on potential regrets however, as they are in the past and done with! What is important is that I learn my lessons and make different choices now, guided by those mistakes.

So I guess the answer is actually, ‘no’ I don’t regret having children, how can I when I didn’t know any better?! And if I hadn’t done it I would still be thinking that I really wanted to! Funny how that works really.

Same with the new dog I guess. We will learn from having him and become better for the experience! I also remind myself very often throughout the day just how lucky I really am. Yes, I have had bad stuff happen in my life. I have had disappointment, heart break and scary moments. But when you put my life into perspective compared to thousands of other people in the world who suffer every day, I really have nothing to complain about. When I take my son to some of his therapies, I am reminded in the most blunt manner that although I do have a Son who requires more attention and work than some others, I am certainly not as badly off as some of the people I see taking their children for therapy. I was starkly reminded of this one day when I was taking my Son to intensive occupational therapy. In the waiting room there was a little boy in a wheelchair who had to breathe with a tube and was obviously very severely disabled mentally and physically.

I was getting frustrated with my Son who was sitting on a chair upside down with his feet in the air and his head on the floor. He was also singing and swinging his arms around… clearly not the approved method of waiting room conduct! But when I really looked at my Son, with his perfectly formed body and gorgeous little face, big green eyes and blonde hair, his happy smile and cheeky way of speaking. Then looked at the little boy in the wheelchair, who was actually watching my Son and also smiling at him, I said to myself, “Lighten up. Things could be worse, and behavioural issues are not the end of the world when looked at in a different light.”

Well, that’s my input for Friday, and I guess it follows on from yesterday really. It was a good example of how if you sit back and stop focusing so hard on what you think your problems are, you can always find a positive in what you perceive to be negative 🙂

Everyone enjoy your weekend!


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