Observations: Turning – into +

In my day to day life I have a number of rules which I follow in order to keep myself sane.

1. (this was completely stolen from Dr Phil, but it really is a good one!) Try to make people who have interaction with you on a daily basis, feel better about themselves or feel good for having interacted with you. This doesn’t take much really (except in the case of husbands, Mothers, Mother in Law’s and really rude sales assistants, where it is sometimes difficult to take a deep breath and remember to try and be polite to them no matter what they are doing to annoy you! Apologies to the above mentioned relatives… I love you all 🙂 ) All you have to do is use nice manners and not abuse anyone. I can definitely thank my Mother for teaching me nice manners xxx for you Mum. (Yes I’m sucking up in case I ever offend you in my posts)

2. Remember that even though you cannot change other people’s behaviour, you can change your reaction to them, and no one can stop you from being happy because happy is on the inside. It comes from you, it does not come from external influences.

3. Give yourself a break and don’t feel guilty about it. My husband will attest to me needing to work on this one a little more… but I’m getting better.

4. Try where ever possible to turn negatives into positives. – This is the main one I’m going to explain in my post today. I will list a few brief examples of ones I have done this morning alone

Pet Related Conversions:

As mentioned in previous posts, we have a new Groodle puppy. A Groodle is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle, so I always knew it was going to grow to be a large dog. However, it is funny how reality sometimes hits you hard. We (and when I say ‘we’ I really mean ‘I’ since I nagged and cajoled and convinced my husband over several months to agree to buying a dog as he is not really a dog person. He eventually agreed on the understanding that the dog was mine and that I would take full responsibility for everything to do with the dog..heee heee… I’m sure he knew better but he agreed anyway. I can be very persuasive 🙂 ) decided to get a dog because my Son loves dogs and we thought it would be good for him to have a friend to play with. We decided on a large dog because with ADHD he can sometimes be a little rough and wants to pick animals up all the time. A larger breed would prevent that. We chose this specific breed because they are often used as companion dogs and trained for special needs and autistic kids but they don’t shed their hair as much as pure bred Golden Retrievers.

Right, so, Groodle is now 4 months old, weighs 15kg and is taller than my son when it stands on its hind legs! It’s almost as hyperactive as my son and listens to my commands about as much as he does too! Where are the positives I hear you ask?! Here we go….

Negative:”Mummy, Moppett is chasing me and trying to bite me!!”

My Response: “Ok, well just stand still and turn your back and say “NO!” very firmly” of course the child ignores and continues running around the backyard squealing and flapping his arms

Positive: They will both eventually be too tired to run, or Son will climb the tree in the back yard and either way, they will both be tired and therefore quieter. 🙂

Negative: Dog has dug a hole in the garden

Positive: Well we were going to do some landscaping and renovating so I’m sure that will make it easier for the builders to have a pre-dug hole… under the washing line… where we weren’t going to do any landscaping……..

Negative: Haven’t got council approval for renovations yet so can’t start building works

Positive: That’s ok. Better to have the garden in a mess while the dog wants to dig holes in it anyway.

Negative: Dog destroyed my filing box near the back door.

Positive: Oh well, I needed to get that box sorted and put the papers somewhere else anyway so I guess now I’ll be forced to do it. Preferably before he also eats all the papers in the box.

Negative: Dog coming into the house has caused a flea eruption (The part of Sydney I live in has a reputation for grass fleas and we have had trouble in our house for a long time with fleas. We had them under control for winter, so this was quite a big bummer for us!)

Positive: If the fleas are on the dog then at least they aren’t biting my Son which is what they usually do! However, I can’t really hold to this positive for long as eventually the fleas will get off the dog and move on to tastier things. Don’t worry though, it will just force me to do flea treatments on everything more often than I already do!!

Anyway, you get the idea… always find the silver lining etc.

So today although I have a very sore back still, I’ll be trying to wash the giant dog with flea control shampoo and apply more topical flea treatment before I embark on a rampage with my vacuum cleaner!

Enjoy your day! KL

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