Well, it’s Wednesday

Having had a rather uneventful day in general I am forced to either use my imagination or resort to my memory for today’s blog 🙂 However, just in case others find my activities less boring than I did, I will spend a very short time on how I spent my day.

I am not sure why, but school holidays to my son seem to mean 3 main things.

1. You don’t have to get dressed, no matter how many times Mum tells you to get dressed.

2. You can keep asking for lollies and junk food without respite for the entire day, despite the fact that you have been told first thing in the morning that ‘no you can not have jelly beans for breakfast….. no not lunch either….. definitely not for dinner”.

3. Mum is at your disposal to perform many and varied activities such as jumping on the trampoline, building various cardboard box vehicles with ever increasing complexities required such as propellers, steering wheels and magic buttons. Feeding you on demand in unconventional manners (usually by inserting a plate of sandwhiches into the afore mentioned cardboard vehicles).

With those three things in mind, I’m sure you can imagine how I spent my day and if anyone without children happens to come across this post, then trust me, you have no choice and you may now understand why Mums seem so scared of school holidays and tend to arrange rather a lot of ‘play dates’ and activities!

Since I have a child who does not play well with others quite a lot of time, play dates are not so easy to organise. As he is fiercely independent, it is extremely difficult to take him on outings because his attention span is so short and once he gets bored, he just leaves. Yes he just wanders off with no thought as to where his accompanying adult may be! My husband and I once followed him around a shopping center when was 2 years old and wandered off. We hid behind things and kept an eye on him. After 40 minutes of watching him window shopping and climbing on this and that, we came out from our hiding places and confronted him. His response to all this? “Oh! There you are! I thought you were lost!” Gotta love that! WE were lost, NOT HIM! Sheesh!

Fortunately for me, tomorrow he is spending the day with one of his Grandmothers and I will be able to do even more boring things like catching up on ironing and reading and leg waxing… oh what a thrilling life I do lead! 🙂 The evening will be more exciting though as my husband and I are going to see the final Harry Potter movie! Yay!


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