Bedlam in the backyard

Picture this…

A lovely sunny afternoon. Two women (aunt and niece), three children (all boys from 2 to 5.5yrs), one crazy giant 4 month old dog and a trampoline. Sounds lovely, tranquil, idyllic even for a Tuesday during the school holidays?

When you combine all of the above with a dress up box which causes the three boys to argue over who will be a rabbit, dragon, superhero or the tooth fairy. Add some very loud music (Bogis, Bunce and Bean Finale from the movie ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’) on repeat and full blast because I can’t get the volume thingy on the i-pod speakers to work, the giant dog sticking his head in both my coffee cup and the dress up box in alternate manouvers, stealing things and requiring me to yell  ‘COME’! and ‘NO!’, which I’m pretty sure the entire neighbourhood could hear, and then add some strange man entering the yard and telling me that he has to re-wire some potententially unsafe wiring on my new solar panel system, you get bedlam in the backyard!!!

Arrggghhh… This is quite typical of my household on a normal day however. With a very hyperactive child who requires instructions to be repeated over and over and over and has no impulse control, you would think I would be used to it! Well I’m not. I don’t think I will ever get used to it to be honest. Although I have to admit that having a more ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ child may have been boring… I don’t really know… I don’t know any different!

My child requires quite a lot of one on one attention to get anything done. He also has a very bright mind (we know it because they tested it…and couldn’t measure it because he is ah… well… oppositional to say the least, and likes to give you cryptic and cheeky answers to things.) this means that he never stops talking (not unlike his Mother I grant you), and never stops asking questions. It also means that nothing can happen simply and quickly. Take the dress up box argument for example. There were many and varied reasons why he wanted the particular costume that his little cousin was wearing. The adults managed to negotiate the little one into changing costume as that seemed easier than continuing to argue with my son. Naturally, as soon as the decision was settled as to what the little one was going to wear… my son changed his mind and decided he wanted the new costume the little one was having! Grrrr…. sometimes he just outsmarts us and there isn’t much we can do, apart from what we did do. And that was?

“Go to your room!” That is our default catch cry when we have been outsmarted by a five year old. Does that mean we have won in the end? I don’t really know! We might think more about it tomorrow.

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