Sometimes, magic is the only option

So today, the whole family was up at 6am to head to the chiropractor for a 7am appointment. Now, to understand the significance of this, you would need to understand myself and my husband, and the severe and extreme allergy we both have to early mornings! 🙂

Somehow, we managed to produce a child who has no aversion to early mornings (or late nights) whatsoever. However, this morning was very amusing when I went in to wake him up and was told in no uncertain terms (please remember this child I am talking about is 5.5yrs old) that “No! I am tired! I am not getting dressed and I’m staying asleep until 7:30!” I went away and came back 5 minutes later only to be told that “Don’t you understand! I want to sleep for another 5 days!” My husband and I spent the rest of the morning trying to get him to see that this is how he makes us feel when he comes in to our room between 5:30 and 7:00 am most mornings and orders us out of bed by telling us that we have had “quite enough sleep now, and the sun is almost up!”. Sigh… I don’t think he really got it though.

Naturally the chiropractor trip was not interesting enough to blog about, but the argument between my son and my husband on the way home might give some readers a giggle. Daddy had been given a referral by the chiro to have his back x-rayed before any treatment could commence to make sure nothing terrible could happen. Son is obsessed with the medical field and the human body.

Son: “Daddy, are you going to get your x-ray now?”

Dad: “No, I don’t think now is a good idea. You need some time at home to play before we take you to anymore waiting areas”.

Son: “No, really! I think you need to get it done now.”

Dad: “Why?”

Son: “Because my three furries (his term for soft toys) need x-rays too! Meow Meow has a sore back, Charlie has a sore back too and Lou has a brain problem.”

Dad: “Right well, we could do pretend x-rays on them at home if you like.”

Son: “No! They need real x-rays”

Dad: “Do they have bones?”

Son: “Ummm… well I can take out Moppett’s bones and put them into my furries!” (Moppett is our dog!!!)

Mum: (In a mild state of panic!!) “Do you mean Moppett’s actual bones in his body? Or do you mean the bones he has in the freezer for eating?”

Son: (In a perfectly serious manner, completely unperterbed by my suggestion that he might cut open our dog and remove his bones!!) “I mean his freezer bones! But will you sew the furries back up after I cut them open and put the bones in?”

The conversation continued for a while where I tried to tell him that x-rays were expensive and that the staff wouldn’t want to really waste time and money doing it on soft toys. He didn’t really go for that, just said that they really needed it because when he’s not around, his toys come to life. Of course they do I thought! Right try a different tac then…..

Mum: “Well if they come to life when you aren’t there, I am sure they have a secret toy x-ray place specially for those who need it so don’t worry about it!”

Would you believe it… he liked that answer, and we heard no more about it!

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