And so it begins…

Although I will begin my official blogging career on Monday; since I am currently unable to leave my bed due to a strained back, and due to the insistent nuisance who calls himself my husband next to me, I will begin tonight with a short introduction to what this blog is all about.

Firstly, I do not think it’s very polite of my husband to withhold mint slice biscuits until I start writing, but that doesn’t really have much to do with this blog… or perhaps it does 😉

Right. So. Why am I blogging? Lets see. I am nearly 36yrs old (trust me, NEARLY makes a difference!), I have a husband (who withholds biscuits as mentioned before), I have one son (don’t worry you’ll get to read A LOT about him), one very old black cat, one young but well established caramel coloured rat (yes it’s a pet), and one very young white dog which is way bigger than I expected at four months old!

Having had to give up work last year to help me focus on my son who has ADHD and other issues, I have been at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my previously very active mind. Having been a partner of a successful small business, and always worked very hard in my life, now being a stay at home mother, I feel I have a lot to share! Or perhaps I’m just a little bored, and lonely, but I’ll let the readers decide (albeit that ‘the readers’ may be only my husband, my Mum and my Dad 🙂 )

So under much pressure from everyone around me to finish writing a novel I started too many years ago, I am opting for a gentle and somewhat less pressurised method of re introducing myself to writing. Each day I will be blogging about the things that happen to me and the people I come across. Naturally, many of the blogs will be about my little boy who is both hilarious and extremely frustrating. I do think though that other Mum’s who are struggling with children who don’t quite fit the mould of current society may find something funny and helpful in my blogs.

For now, I will leave you with that and see what happens on Monday 🙂

Goodnight. K

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